Office 365

Is it time you migrated to Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is not the future, it is the now. And if you’re not already on board, then consider making the move before your competitors do and gain an edge.

We know what you’re thinking; it’s just the same Microsoft Office products as we have installed, just now they are in the Cloud, right? Wrong.

Microsoft Office 365 is now a flexible cloud offering, with various options and new features designed to accommodate the needs of every size and complexity of organisation, from the smallest micro businesses to the largest global corporations.

Of course, you get all the familiar Office apps you would expect, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote, all of which each user can install on up to 5 devices, for true any device, anywhere, anytime access.

But in addition to all the familiar apps, you get a range of new tools to help you collaborate, communicate and connect better with colleagues and customers.

Exchange delivers business class email, calendar and contacts with a 50 GB mailbox for every user that allows them to send attachments up to 150 MB, helping remove the need to use less secure file exchange sites.

SharePoint provides a content hub, where everyone you work with, inside and outside your organization can collaborate in real time to get work done. They will create and share content with familiar Microsoft Office tools they use every day.

Yammer is an enterprise social network, designed to drive employee engagement and communication by allowing users to connect and share knowledge and information, in a safe and secure environment. Yammer can bring all levels of an organisation closer together.

OneDrive for Business makes it easy for users to manage and share documents from anywhere and work together with familiar Office apps in real time, using their favourite devices. Automatic syncing ensures you work on the latest documents and Office Delve helps colleagues find your files.

Skype for Business enables you to connect to your team anywhere and to millions of people on Skype, with the security, compliance and control you need. You can see the online status of your contacts, schedule meetings in Outlook and start conversations from your Office apps.

Changing the way you work, Office 365 ensures files are always accessible and always up to date, so in the office or out and about, you have what you need when you need it. Office 365 will help you be more productive and more effective. It’s all you need.

We understand that even with all the benefits of Office 365 clearly explained, the thought of moving so much data to the Cloud can be one hurdle too many. This is where Quiss can really help. We will handle the migration of data from your existing email system(s) into the cloud-based Office 365 environment.

Our experienced team will undertake the day-to-day management of your Microsoft Online Services account, covering every aspect from creating new accounts and changing passwords to training users and providing business process consulting.

We can also help integrate your Microsoft Online Services with your existing internal infrastructure, including directory synchronization to ensure your switch to Office 365 is seamless and quick. Once you have decided to make the move, the quicker we get everyone up and running the quicker the advantages will be realised.

And of course, our qualified and experienced training team can provide you and your people with ongoing training on the full suite of Office apps, not just the new online services.

Here at Quiss, we have the knowledge and experience to help your organisation migrate to Office 365. We will ensure the process is seamless, with minimal disruption or downtime and deliver all the information and training your people will need to get the most from the new environment.

If you would like to know more about Office 365 and how it could help transform your organisation, or if you want details about any of our other services, please get in touch today. With our help, you can make the move now and not waste another year waiting to migrate.