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We offer a range of solutions, each of which can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, utilising the very latest in high speed data services. We have developed a complete set of connectivity options designed to keep your data and voice flowing and all at very competitive rates.

Your organisation can operate efficiently, whilst reducing the costs associated with network communications. Whatever your specific needs we will ensure you have the necessary technology, network and products to get the best out of each of your organisation’s office locations.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) – To bring together phones, computers, mobiles etc., into a unified communications strategy, we utilise Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which dictates how these devices work together and the level of interaction that can be achieved.

We can install SIP technology into your telephone system to deliver the highest quality voice communications, whilst immediately reducing the cost of your calls and lowering line rental charges. Adding new users to your system is much easier and you can combine your voice communication and data connection to improve the efficiency of your existing network.

Resilience is also improved, allowing you to route calls to mobiles or another site, if your main location should suffer a problem that denies access. And this can all be done remotely without your clients ever being aware. ISDN – The first commonly available ‘broadband’ service, offering speeds of up to 128kbps, now comes in two main options; ISDN2e for small organisations and ISDN30 for larger organisations, with a telephone system on site, that require their voice and data to be delivered as a single service.

We can arrange a more cost-effective service whether you have or want ISDN lines to handle your communications. Each ISDN2e line provides two channels of ISDN, each operating at 64kbps speed, which can be bonded together to deliver a speed of 128kbps – this older technology is used for on-site switchboards.

With an ISDN30 service you get a bandwidth of 2Mbps, delivered into your organisation over a copper or fibre circuit with 30 independent 64 Kbps channels and two further channels used to manage the service. Whatever you need, please get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options.

EFM – The Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) solution offers organisations the ability to carry higher bandwidth connections, without the need for more expensive fibre leased lines, which delivers improved internet monitoring performance and a better standard of Quality of Service (QoS).

The demands BYOD and video rich content places on your network ensures most organisations require higher standards in bandwidth as they look to protect business critical data and provide real time information.

EFM offers huge cost savings over fibre and leased line options, whilst helping future proof your organisation, allowing easy transition to next generation network technology. Higher speeds of up to 20Mbps caters for growing demands and offers you the ability to provision bandwidth dynamically, with our portal enabling you to lower or raise speeds as necessary, providing excellent resilience. MPLS – With MPLS technology you can securely exchange information across your organisation’s different locations, deliver remote access for IT applications, whilst providing information as and when needed, without internet access being required.

This converged network solution puts your data, voice and multimedia traffic through a single platform with a single supplier. You can reduce costs and improve efficiency by having a single network for all your applications, with the ability to prioritise applications like IP telephony, video and business critical data using multiple classes of service.

Leased Lines (Point to Point) – when fixed bandwidth is critical to the day to day operation of your organisation, our leased line option is the ideal solution. These point to point or private circuits offer dedicated, fixed bandwidth connectivity between two designated points, like head office and a regional location.

These leased lines are ideal to transport lots of data and internet or voice traffic, whilst proving very cost-effective if you want to exchange large volumes of traffic across your organisation, or a really important client. There is a range of bandwidths available, with a range of security features that guarantee a highly secure connection and an all-important business-class service level agreement for total peace of mind. Broadband – Powered by a world-class network infrastructure, supported by unrivalled customer service and technical support, broadband from QVoice is a fantastic solution for your organisation’s broadband needs.

Broadband, or more properly, broadband Internet access, allows for high speed Internet access. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a type of broadband that uses telephone lines, but on a different frequency, so it can be used for broadband data at the same time as the telephone.

We offer effective fault management, backed by 24/7 support and an excellent service, shaped by the needs of your organisation and utilising the latest high speed products – get in touch and get connected.