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IMS Module: Empowering Your

Infrastructure Management

The Infrastructure Managed Service (IMS) module is the cornerstone of our comprehensive technical solution, providing you with unparalleled support for network and desktop security. As the only mandatory module in our service, it forms the foundation of a robust and secure IT environment.

Key features of the IMS Module include:


    1. Ongoing N-Able RMM Support: Gain access to our advanced N-Able RMM technology, enabling seamless patching and monitoring of servers and remote machines. (*Subject to subscription)
    2. 24/7 NOC Services: Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) stands ready round-the-clock to monitor and proactively address any issues that may arise, ensuring the stability and continuity of your operations.
    3. Remote and On-Site Support: Our dedicated support teams are equipped to provide prompt assistance both remotely and on-site, ensuring a swift resolution to any technical challenges you encounter.
    4. 3rd Line Infrastructure Support: Rely on our experts to provide comprehensive 3rd line support for both software and hardware components, delivering the technical expertise needed to overcome complex infrastructure issues.
    5. Technical Account Management: Benefit from our experienced Technical Account Managers (TAMs) who will work closely with you to understand your IT strategy and provide tailored guidance to align technology with your business objectives.
    6. Business Application Triage: Simplify your support experience with our streamlined approach. With one number to call, our 3rd line experts will triage and address issues related to your critical business applications, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximum productivity.
    7. Monthly Management Reports: Stay informed about the performance and health of your infrastructure with detailed monthly management reports, providing valuable insights and facilitating informed decision-making.

Solution Management:

Quiss has made significant investments in our enterprise-grade remote monitoring solution, powered by N-Able. This advanced technology enables us to comprehensively monitor and evaluate every aspect of your infrastructure. Our capabilities include:

      • Network and IP monitoring
      • Infrastructure monitoring
      • Tracking current operating systems across devices, including remote and mobile devices
      • Ensuring devices are patched to the correct level
      • Monitoring and managing Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines, and network devices
      • Capacity management for your infrastructure
      • Forensic analysis
      • Proactive incident notification

To ensure the effectiveness of these systems, our NOC team works hand in hand with the technology, staying vigilant to maximize efficiency and continuously fortify your environment’s protection.

All of these services are backed by our highly skilled Service Desk teams, NOC specialists, and dedicated TAMs. Our account management function is flexible, adapting to your unique requirements and providing personalized support.

Choose the IMS Module to elevate your infrastructure management and gain peace of mind knowing that your IT environment is in capable hands. Contact us today to learn more and see how our expertise can empower your business.