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Hosted Telephony

A hosted VoIP telephony solution provides everything an organisation could want from a telephone system, without having a traditional private branch exchange (PBX) on-site. A hosted VoIP system doesn’t have to use expensive analogue or ISDN lines, allowing a single IP network to be used for both the telephony and data/internet needs of an organisation as part of a converged network.

Although most organisations consider utilising a hosted VoIP solution to save money on equipment and call costs, it also offers significant improvements in functionality, scalability and flexibility, not to mention the improvement in service, the organisations’ customers are likely to experience.

Compared to traditional telephony, providing new extensions and additional functions is quick and easy. VoIP does not utilise a physical PBX on-site so there are no physical limits to the number of extensions you can have.

The scalable benefits of VoIP extend beyond the ease of expansion. The number of users can vary both up and down during periods of high or low demand to ensure your telephone system is always the right size and doesn’t leave your customers hanging on for an answer or leave you paying for hardware you don’t need.

Whatever the size of your organisation, a hosted VoIP service is a good solution and does not require a significant investment in new IT infrastructure. Switching to a modern IP-based phone system will not only improve your firm’s efficiency and strengthen the relationships you have with existing clients, but help you secure new business.