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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing will find the holes

The security and integrity of the systems, networks and infrastructure we manage 24/7/365 for our clients is critical and we expend huge resources to ensure our clients’ businesses never miss a beat.

But our abilities are limited by what we know and what our clients do within their organisations; changes can be made, new hardware can be added, temporary access might be granted, all without our immediate knowledge.

The threat landscape changes regularly and ever more quickly, with determined, organised criminals understanding the low-risk, high reward nature of cyber-crime. We work hard to keep you secure, but the criminals only need a new vulnerability and a bit of luck to undo a lot of good work.

Like trying your front door after you know you locked it, the best way to test your defences are as robust as they can possibly be, is to test them regularly, using the same methods as the criminals.

Let the right ones in

In addition to the regular security practices we include in our managed services solution, we also offer penetration testing, or more commonly, ‘ethical hacking’. Our experienced technical engineers will test your systems, networks and web applications to check for vulnerabilities.

In a simulated attack, the penetration test will result in technical and management reports highlighting any vulnerabilities, with advice on the necessary remediation steps.

Our ethical hackers will test your defences and search for information about your organisation to find access points.
They will probe your network with specialist tools not typically available on the open market.

Brute force attacks will be tried, along with social engineering approaches, designed to take control of devices on your network. Once in, your network will be scoured for valuable targets and something important will be copied to demonstrate their successful access.

Understanding where the problems lie and prioritising improvements to the way you process and manage important data reduces risk across your organisation. It also helps show your clients and regulatory authorities the importance you place on security.

Regular penetration testing in this way, could also help you win work in regulated sectors, with a blow-by-blow account of the tests forming a valuable page in your pitch documents and an immediate market differentiator.

Penetration testing is the ultimate test of your defences and simulates the real-world hacking that can cause so much damage, especially if you do not know your system has been compromised.

We recognise that security is not just a black and white issue, but we offer both ‘black box’ and ‘white box’ testing.

Black box requires our hackers to approach your organisation without prior knowledge and no network or system details – the most realistic attack. White box testing uses details of your systems, applications, passwords etc., to allow our hackers to find vulnerabilities in a known configuration.

  • Ethical hacking tests your security
  • Latest tools and techniques used
  • Detailed steps to improve security
  • Shows how important security is to you
  • Protects your organisation and your reputation

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