What Circyl can do for your business

I’m Jason Betteridge and after working with Quiss Technology for many years as a partner, we decided to create Circyl as a subsidiary.

The reason for developing Circyl so closely with Quiss, is the synergy that exists between the two. The Quiss service and product offering is enhanced by the Business Productivity solutions Circyl provides, based on the Microsoft platform, including CRM, Office 365, SharePoint and Business Intelligence.

Through the implementation of appropriate technology, business productivity and performance can vastly improve – Circyl’s job is to help people realise this true potential.

Offering Business Productivity solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of a specific organisation, Circyl ensures employees have access to all the important information, enhancing business coordination in general.

Through Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint and Business Intelligence, businesses can streamline existing processes, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of every day tasks.

Organisations will have access to in-depth analysis and data, helping them make informed business decisions that can move the company forward.

Through the utilisation of Business Intelligence analytics features, companies can build interactive reports that highlight key areas of growth or improvement within their business.

SharePoint systems then allow this information to be shared and accessed immediately, transforming the way businesses disseminate important files, data, news and resources.

Using its own expertise, Circyl can help businesses configure this technology, and train employees on how to get the most out of its features.

It’s through the combination of these systems that organisations encourage company cohesion, whilst improving important business functions such as CRMĀ – facilitating growth and increasing generated revenue.

Dynamics 365

Integrating with your existing Microsoft software and subscriptions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the capabilities of CRM business software and ERP systems, to deliver an intuitive application designed to improve business coordination.

The sophisticated business tools allow individuals to easily access and manipulate data – offering an in-depth analysis of company performance and the interaction with your customers, while simplifying everyday tasks.

With access to other cloud-based solutions such as SharePoint and PowerBI, organisations can benefit from the document collaboration and enhanced reporting capabilities, highlighting key metrics including sale performance, service KPIs, etc.

One of the main appeals of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the easy-to-use nature of the application, integrating with the familiar office tools such as Outlook to maximise efficiency when it comes to accessing, recording and sharing important information.

Using easy to understand drop down mechanics, key information and data can be entered, selected and formatted to your liking – streamlining the entire process and keeping information accurate and stored correctly.

The application allows users to properly manage customer information related to sales activity, service performance etc. facilitating growth and customer satisfaction through an effectiveĀ tracking system.

When running efficiently, CRM technology can make conducting business and generating revenue a lot easier – it’s for this reason companies are turning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to flourish and grow as a business.

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There are currently 190 million people from over 200,000Ā  organisations, utilising the SharePoint system to enhance intranets, team sites and content management.

By allowing team members to collaborate effortlessly and securely across PCs, Macs and mobile devices, SharePoint accelerates business productivity by transforming processes; from simple tasks to complex operational workflows.

Integrating with Microsoft Office, SharePoint drives organisational efficiency by allowing its users to share common resources, documents and applications on portals that can be accessed by the click of a button.

Businesses can build cohesion and communicate important information throughout the intranet, reaching fellow employees quickly and efficiently.

SharePoint’s rich content management, along with valuable connections and conversations surfaced with instant messaging, allows individuals to maximise their velocity of knowledge to inform decisions and guide actions.

News can be personalised and tailored in SharePoint home and mobile apps, so that only the most relevant and important insights appear after loading up the system.

The customisation of these beautiful information sharing websites can help streamline team processes, encouraging users to share files, data, news and resources.

The immediacy and efficiency of sharing and receiving information, combined with the communal availability of important documents and data makes SharePoint a very attractive proposition for companies of all sizes.

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Business Intelligence

Revolutionising the way data is collected and presented, Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout an organisation.

From straight-forward performance round-ups to in-depth analytical breakdowns, Power BI allows you to combine and transform data into powerful data models that businesses can use and understand.

Employees can access reports and KPIs through a single modern web portal, providing immediate access to insights that can prove invaluable when making strategic business decisions.

Varying levels of data access can be offered across an organisation, creating tailored dashboards with a unique view of the business, with governance and security built-in.

The integrated platform offers users an efficient way to build rich interactive reports, which can be seamlessly shared across the organisation using Office 365 or extracted to other familiar office tools such as PowerPoint.

Power BI facilitates the creation of engaging mobile dashboards that adjust to different form factors such as tablets. Using an interactive design experience, such dashboards help empower business users by providing important insights from virtually anywhere, even by asking questions using natural language.

The beauty of Power BI is that it connects to a variety of data sources to provide the important insights you need to know; not just data for data’s sake.

When understanding business trends and patterns is crucial to success, timely Business Intelligence offers an easy-to-use way of collecting and presenting important company insights.

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