Looking for an IT partner that understands the needs and practices of your law firm and solicitors? Or perhaps your current IT provider is failing to offer the support and software recommendations vital for allowing your solicitors to work easily and productively? Speak to us about our IT support for law firms & solicitor packages.

We've provided leading IT support for law firms, solicitors and barristers since 1988.

IT Support for Law Firms from legal IT specialists.


Quiss Technology are one of the leading IT providers in the UK, having provided IT support and business solutions for the legal and professional service sectors since 1988. Our knowledge and experience in IT for legal is unmatched, which is how we can assist law firms of all sizes and complexities with their IT issues and support requirements.

We provide around the clock IT support and management of your IT infrastructure, including strategies for protecting your firm against malware and cyberattacks, ensuring data storage is GDPR compliant, Cloud setup for remote working and much more.

We frequently have law firms reaching out to us frustrated by their current IT provider’s system offerings. Some of the most common complaints they discuss are that their IT systems are clunky and difficult to navigate, outdated or slow, or that their provider simply isn’t providing the level of service their firm needs to function.

If you have any concerns about your law firm’s cybersecurity or fear that your current systems may be vulnerable, we can offer penetration testing and security checks to ensure your business data is secure and advise where extra protection is needed.

Don’t be held back by IT providers that are failing to meet your law firm’s needs – talk to us today to find out how our IT support for law firms and solicitors’ services can help transform your business!


Why do law firms need specialised IT support

Whether you are a small law firm or large LLP, your solicitors and staff need reliable IT support in order to operate effectively. Having IT infrastructure that runs fast and smoothly can have a huge impact on the way your solicitors work, and with additional IT support on hand for when problems do arise, your firm will be saving your solicitors time, money and unnecessary stress.

Whether you are in the office, meeting a client at their headquarters or in court, we can setup your IT strategy so that your solicitors can access important information and online services on the go – eliminating tedious back-and-forth trips to their work desktop and keeping them time efficient.

Law firms also hold highly sensitive client data that needs protection and security not only from your firm’s offices, but wherever your remote workers are stationed. A data breach or ransomware attack (where data is stolen, and the hacker threatens to illegally release it unless your firm pays a high sum of money) can be detrimental to your law firm’s finances and reputation and impact your business’ ability to recover financially in the long term.

By choosing Quiss as your IT partner, you’ll be selecting an accredited law IT industry leader that is a one stop shop for all your IT support and data protection needs. We will monitor your IT networks and infrastructure 24 hours a day and are reachable by phone or email if any problems arise. We can also advise on GDPR compliance to ensure that your clients continue to view your law firm as trustworthy with their data, and to avoid paying large penalties and fines.

If you need advice on the best software for managing your account and case workflows, or tools for managing business costs and staff expenditure, we can also set you up and provide your team training.

The benefits of our IT Support for Law Firms package

Unlimited calls to our helpdesk

24/7 network monitoring

24/7 remote support

Regular service reports

New technology advice and recommendations

Callouts to your site

On-site staff training

Wide range of IT webinars and educational resources

Fixed fee

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