Symphony Legal Source Conference – our experience as Exhibition Sponsors

The Symphony Legal Source Conference is a two-day event that brings together some of the most well-known and talented industry professionals and businesses.

Not your typical law firm conference, the event is an opportunity for guests to gain an in-depth understanding of modern business methods, engaging in sessions and learning how to overcome some of the most important challenges companies are currently facing.

As Exhibition Sponsors for the event, we too have been sharing some of our own insights with guests, allowing businesses to better understand the role of modern technology within the workplace, and analysing some of the most significant developments in greater detail.

One of the key things we like to focus on during these events is the emergence and importance of the cloud within modern business, taking the time to explain its benefits and helping businesses understand how it works.

A lot of companies and individuals can feel overwhelmed when it comes to the cloud and it’s events like the Source Conference, which allow us to reassure businesses and improve confidence when it comes to embracing the cloud.

While at the Source Conference, we also took the opportunity to help businesses understand Azure Stack – a hybrid cloud computing software solution developed by Microsoft.

Allowing organisations to deliver Azure services from their own data centre, Azure Stack is critical to many modern businesses, and these conferences give more companies the chance to find out about the technology and understand how they can use it to enhance results within their own business.

Having built our reputation for providing effective IT solutions to businesses across a range of industries, we’re often engaged during these events for advice and guidance on how to utilise technology within the workplace.

It’s for that reason that we sponsored this year’s Source Conference, as we have seen first-hand the value offered throughout the duration of the event, whether it be through engaging workshops, expert speakers or general business networking.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting a range of organisations at this year’s event and we’re looking forward to attending future events hosted by Symphony Legal.

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