Supporting New Businesses across the Black Country and beyond

As Patrons to the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, our primary aim is to assist our fellow members with their IT and telecommunications requirements. We want to understand their current pains and issues to see how we can solve them as well as making them more efficient and future proof them for business growth.

To help its members, the Chamber, being the pro-active organisation that it is, asked us how they could help spread the word about who Quiss are and what we do to their members.  Last week, Quiss’ Commercial Manager, Matt Rhodes was invited to present to the Chamber team based in Wolverhampton about our key services. Matt was delighted to have this opportunity to show case some of our benefits and services in this forum.

One of the sectors that the Chamber already work closely with are New Business start-ups. As this is an area we can really offer help in, it made sense to explain just how we could be of assistance.

Typically, the biggest issue that we have with new business start-ups is that they are reluctant to make large purchases for IT infrastructure to help run their business. With the help of our Hosted Desktop service however there is no need to purchase any backend IT infrastructure at all.

The idea being that the new business rents the required backend infrastructure from us on a Hosted Desktop contract. This service can grow or shrink when the business has to and all without having to make a capital purchase of any kind.

Depending on what the new business requires on their hosted desktop, this could be as cheap as £10 per user per month for a one man start-up business that requires :

  • E-mail
  • All office products
  • A shared storage platform
  • And access to the products from any device, at anytime from anywhere

With the Chamber and Quiss really working closely together we really are a one stop shop for new businesses within the Black Country.

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