Remember to put your clocks forward this Sunday

The change from Greenwich Meantime (GMT) to British Summer Time (BST) this Sunday 26th March means that most people in the UK will get one hour less in bed. It also however means that Spring is upon us and the evenings start getting lighter.

But have you considered the implications it could have on your telephone system?

Without an automated pre-programmable system you could find that your phones are out of sync when you come into the office after the bank holiday weekend.

One of the main problems would be that if you have a night system service and you have not pre-programmed it then it will come off an hour early. This could leave your customers frustrated that they can’t get through to you.

If you are a Quiss Technology telephony customer then you can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that this problem won’t affect you as all the systems that we provide are set to react to British time changes.

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