Quiss provides National Windscreens with Business Continuity solution

Tamworth-based Quiss Technology has been selected to provide a business continuity solution for National Windscreens, the UK’s fastest growing vehicle glass repair and replacement specialist, in the event disaster strikes the company’s head office.

The speed with which National Windscreens’ call centre can deal with enquiries is central to the firm’s growth and is capable of handling over 1 million calls a year and co-ordinating the work of more than 800 mobile technicians.

Commercial Services Manager at Quiss Technology, Matt Rhodes commented: “Businesses are now more aware of the risks of their operations being impacted by a disaster, which might not directly affect their location but be close enough to deny access to their office.

“Typically you think of fires affecting business locations, but it might be a terrorist incident, a chemical spill or flood that prevents employees accessing their workplace. And in today’s competitive business world that’s all it takes to lose a significant amount of business.

“National Windscreens recognised the risks and decided to implement a business continuity response that would ensure it was ‘business as usual’ as far as their customers were concerned, regardless of what might have happened at their head office in Tamworth.

“This was a relatively simple solution for us to implement as the services their business relies on are cloud-based, which makes it easy to re-direct these to one of our business recovery suites. We have plenty of capacity to accept their call centre team, who will simply arrive at our offices and start work as normal, should they be unable to access their site.

“In the event a disaster strikes, National Windscreens notify us they are invoking their business continuity plan and route their phone system to ours at which point we make our disaster system available, together with telephone, facsimile, photocopying facilities and communication links.

“The call centre team use the phones and computers provided, pointing the machines at their hosted solution to allow them to access all their applications as if they were sat in their own office.

“It is gratifying to have a large national business of this stature recognise the quality of the service we provide. I’m confident the assurance National Windscreens can now give their clients that in the event of a disaster there will be little or no interruption to the service they provide, will help them continue to grow.”

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