Quiss incorporated in the US

When one of our key UK clients was struggling with IT service provision at its US headquarters, in Pennsylvania, we were happy to step in and show a little of what UK customer service has to offer.

With our large support and helpdesk resources in the UK providing a high level of support to the firm’s UK pharmaceutical operation, we discussed the possibilities of Quiss providing support in the US.

Of course, this meant incorporating in the US and employing our own team of US residents to provide the on-site support the business needs to ensure all its IT users can work effectively and productively.

The time difference offers some overlap with our support teams in the UK, but allows each to offer out-of-hours support for each other. And as feedback in the early months has been nothing but positive, we are looking to grow our team and interests in North America.

Our vast experience in the UK legal sector, stands us in good stead to expand our client base into the pharmaceutical industry. There is a great deal of rigour around networks and systems, thanks to governance and compliance issues, with data security and confidentiality of equal importance to this burgeoning business.

Pennsylvania is a centre for the US pharmaceutical industry, much like the Midlands, where our UK-based clients are located. But after several trips to the state, with its cold winters and hot humid summers to organise incorporation paperwork, bank accounts and to interview staff, we have to admit that is where the similarity ends.

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