Quiss Commercial Services Manager joins Chamber Board

Matt Rhodes, Commercial Services Manager at Tamworth based managed IT services specialist, Quiss Technology has become a board member of the Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce.

Part of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, the Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber plays an important role for organisations in the public and private sector, with a clear route to the ear of the Government. Helping strengthen links between members of the local business community also promotes growth and job creation in the local economy.

The Chamber will undoubtedly benefit from Rhodes’ particular brand of IT knowledge and experience, shaped by years of solving technology problems for organisations of every size and complexity in both public and private sectors.

Rhodes commented on his appointment: “This is a great opportunity to put technology matters on the agenda for local businesses. We all know the issues surrounding broadband speeds and how technology for many businesses is more a stumbling block, slowing growth, rather than the enabler it should be.

“I’m determined to support the Chamber’s current initiatives, like the ‘Pay in 30 Days’ campaign which seeks to address the late payments regime consistently suffered by many suppliers. Although a national problem and one that has become accepted as normal, slow payment affects the cash flow of businesses across Lichfield and Tamworth, resulting in slower growth and fewer jobs.

“Organisations should support the campaign by paying invoices within 30 days and we hope in the coming weeks to be able to provide a way for everyone to show their commitment to this just cause. At my first board meeting there were a number of topics discussed, all of which are important for organisations in the area.

“The new High Speed2 rail project was high on the agenda and just what its coming will mean for local businesses, the compensation procedures, supplier opportunities and its impact on growth in retail and leisure in the area.

“It was sad to hear engineering and construction skills are in decline in the area. This contrasts starkly with our experience at Quiss Technology, where we are employing many local people with good IT skills to expand support teams for our managed IT services offering – further demonstrating the transition to a digital world?

“Unsurprisingly, talk turned to cyber-security, a subject high on the priorities of every organisation, large or small. It is clear there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation about the subject, with everyone able to recount their own particular story of stolen data, money or identities.

“I hope we can address the issue with a seminar or presentation detailing the impacts of being hacked and what can be done to mitigate the damage – not sure when or where, so keep your eyes open for more information.”

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