Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015

We’re attending the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando, Florida and not just because we’re guaranteed some sunshine before you say it.
This is Microsoft’s largest event for partners like us and attracts 15,000 attendees from over 140 countries. No other conference brings together so many of the leaders and visionaries in the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

It is an incredible opportunity for us to understand more of what Microsoft is planning, network to discover new opportunities for our business and pursue all-important strategic partnerships. We get to hear directly from Microsoft’s management and attend seminars and presentations on a range of topics that will become important to all our clients in the near future.

Although events like this help us strengthen our partnership with Microsoft, it offers a glimpse into all our futures and specifically the Internet of Everything, which is big, so big in fact it’s hard to see the edge.
We have a strict agenda and despite the shorts, we’re working hard to gain valuable insights into new capabilities across private, public and hybrid clouds, big data and of course the Internet of Things. We’ll discover how to build new applications that can deliver capabilities across a wide range of devices and operating systems, with your organisation, its efficiencies and profitability at the front of our thinking.

At Quiss we continue to advocate the benefits of hybrid cloud solutions for our clients and thanks to Microsoft, we will shape information technology to help clients move faster, do more, and save money. We are here in Orlando to understand more about the hybrid cloud solutions that will offer competitive advantages to your organisation, so we think you can forgive the shorts – the shirts and flip-flops are another story.

Equally, hosting and managed service providers like Quiss are important to Microsoft and our feedback on real-world situations will help them deliver the most complete cloud for every business and organization to ensure it thrives in the any time, any device anywhere, cloud-first world.

And of course, no Microsoft convention would be complete without mentioning Office 365, the fastest-growing commercial product in Microsoft’s long and illustrious history – where would we be without it? In fact it is of growing importance for us as we continue to attract customers to our hosted desktop offering, with Office 365 a major part of this lean, mean integrated solution for the modern agile business.

So hopefully that explains why you have received a few ‘Out of Office’ notifications and why we’re in Orlando in our shorts, but as the days pass we’ll keep you posted on the exciting innovations we witness – see y’all soon.

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