Microsoft 1-Tier Cloud Solution Provider

Quiss has been included in the Microsoft 1-Tier Cloud Solution Provider programme, designed to help clients adopt cloud-based technology solutions like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

Direct 1-Tier providers like Quiss buy from Microsoft, bill clients directly, sell combined offers and services, together with providing, managing and supporting products and services.

To become a 1-Tier partner, we had to demonstrate our broad market reach and robust 24/7 technical support relationship with customers.

This is not just good news for us, but for our clients and those organisations considering a move to the cloud.

We can not only sell Office 365 and Azure to clients, but handle their subscriptions and manage support with our own helpdesk, which can also support existing apps, infrastructure, systems and networks.

CSP partners like Quiss build solutions based on Microsoft cloud products and services, on a pay-as-you-go model, which delivers the flexibility and certainty of cost many organisations are seeking.

James Chadwick, Director of Hosting & Managed Services Providers, Microsoft UK said: “The Cloud Solution Provider programme puts partners like Quiss at the centre of the customer relationship. Joining our programme presents partners with massive opportunities to package their solutions with Microsoft cloud offerings and provide customers with a custom route to the cloud.

As a managed IT services provider with a thorough understanding of Microsoft’s products and services, Quiss demonstrates its dedication to helping our customers migrate successfully to the cloud when appropriate.”

Benefiting from our experience of migrating organisations to the cloud and our range of fully managed services, we deliver what our clients need, not what’s easiest to sell.

Interest in the cloud continues to grow, but we recognise that the ideal solution for most clients is not entirely on-premise or entirely cloud, but a hybrid mix of the  two.

Paul Tozer, Head of Cloud Services, Quiss Technology plc

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