Work experience placement gives student ‘real life’ experience

June saw us welcome the first of this Summers 3 work experience students to Quiss Technology. As Head of Talent Management here at Quiss, I can’t stress how important it is to give students on-hand real life work experience.

Not everything can be taught in the classroom and for students to have the opportunity to interact with adults in a work environment gives them so much more confidence for when they leave school which for most is only 2 or 3 years away.

Our first student was a 15 year old Year 10 student who had a passion for IT but wasn’t sure what a career in this field could involve. He was spending 2 weeks with us andĀ to give him the best experience I split his time across a number of the departments within our business.

Working with our Sales Team and visiting Microsoft’s HQ in Reading where he got first hand experience of the virtual reality of Hololens was a major highlight for him but it was important he got a realistic view of what a normal day looks like for our someone in this role too.

He went out with our engineers to visit clients where they had issues with laptops that needed repairing on site. HeĀ worked with our Technical team on coding projectsĀ andĀ also got involved with rebuilding computers in our warehouse. A real mix but one looking at his feedback that was thoroughly enjoyed.

I’ve pulled out a couple of points from his feedback form which really stood out to me:

“At my first day at Quiss, I have found the customer service, work ethic and the all round work environment and great place to be.”

“Today was my last day of work experience. It is sad to go as I have met many new people and made new friends which gives meĀ a good experience for my future in the work place.”

I am so pleased we are able to give students this experience and have today we have welcomed our next 2 students to the Quiss family for their placements.

Shelley Vaisey, Head of Talent Management, Quiss Technology plc

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