Why LegalEx works, after a fashion

Quiss Technology has been a part of LegalEx since its inception in 2014 and it still represents an important date in the calendar for any supplier to the legal services sector. It is good to see this show growing and this year it was badged as offering; ‘Inspiration & advice for the UK’s most forward thinking & ambitious legal firms.’

Given our growing reputation for delivering managed IT services to ‘forward thinking’ law firms, large and small, LegalEx remains an important show for Quiss. And in fact this year we decided to sponsor the Technology Theatre, which plays host to a series of seminars designed to offer valuable insight into technology issues affecting modern law firms.

Although booked in advance and planned for meticulously, we have to admit this year’s show did not go as hoped, with a few technical issues blighting our first day. We were due to present our first seminar, ‘What’s stopping you being the next big data breach?’ on the Wednesday, but ironically a duff laptop and no web access at the event prevented our presentation taking place.

Despite a few frantic attempts to fix the problems, we had to call off our first presentation. This was disappointing both for us and the room full of attendees who wanted to learn more about the dangers of cyber-crime and what law firms can do to prevent themselves becoming victims.

Fortunately later attempts to deliver our seminar were successful and attandees were able to learn more about Quiss and the services we deliver, thanks to the introduction from our Professional Services Manager, Nick Hayne.

The real meat of the seminar was provided by co-presenter Orlando Scott-Cowley, a cybersecurity strategist with Mimecast, the email security specialists that protect business email and deliver comprehensive email risk management.

Law firms are a prime target for ever more sophisticated cyber criminals, who use a variety of methods to target users within a firm through email attacks. The media is now full of the strange terms used to describe these methods; whaling attack, spear-phishing, weaponized attachments, etc., all of which sounds a bit phishy and very serious.

And of course, having sat in on the seminars, I understand the seriousness of these attacks and the damage a successful one can cause, particularly to a law firm’s reputation, if they lose confidential data, employee information or even cash; a client’s or their own.

This is not a fashionable subject that will be forgotten any time soon and will undoubtedly prove an important part of our presentations next year at LegalEx 2017. We have already booked our space and agreed our sponsorship of the Technology Theatre at next year’s event which takes place at London’s ExCel again, but earlier in the calendar on March 28 and 29.

I expect it will be an even larger show for the legal sector, attracting more of the law firms we want to talk to. But hopefully next year the organisers will print our correct details in the show guide, only sell us what they can deliver and ensure the WiFi is working for the entire duration of the show and if they do, I’m sure it will be another huge success.

Tracy Armstrong, Marketing Manager, Quiss Technology

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