Support for Birmingham Children’s Hospital

In a change to the accepted course of news events, we thought we’d start with the presentation of a cheque for £3607.50 to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and work back to the beginning of the story to explain our involvement.

Earlier this year, Roger Hudson (centre) from Lexis Nexis, the legal and tax information service approached Quiss, a business he has known for many years, for support in his fund-raising for the hospital. Once we found out it involved him driving across Europe in an old banger, we were hooked.

Nick Hayne (left), our Professional Services Manager commented: “In the cut and thrust of the commercial world, delivering the full range of managed IT services to clients across the UK and internationally, it can be easy to forget those less fortunate and the world class facility we have right in the heart of the region.

“I have personal experience of the wonderful care provided by Birmingham Children’s Hospital, but also recognise its reliance on charitable donations to continue doing what it does and that requires successful businesses like Quiss to help whenever we can.

Roger’s challenge was to buy, steal or borrow a car for less than £300, assemble a team of like-minded adventure seekers and drive it to Monte Carlo, via Namur in Belgium, Freiburg in Germany, and Menaggio on the banks of Lake Como in Italy.

The almost 4500 mile journey on some of Europe’s busiest and fastest roads passed without incident, until Roger returned to the UK and was crashed into from behind on the M25 in a multi-vehicle crash.

Despite the impact, Roger’s wine survived and no harm was done. And, as an unexpected bonus, the charity pot was increased thanks to the car being written off by the insurance company, so perhaps the adage about every cloud having a silver lining includes charity car rallies.

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