Skype for Business compatible headsets

Although there have never been more ways to communicate with each other, voice remains crucial for most businesses, especially when combined with the ability to see the individual speaking, as it is with Skype for Business.

But when using the app in a busy, noisy office for important work calls, rather than personal calls in the quiet of the home, how do you ensure good audio quality?

A headset is the obvious answer, increasing flexibility and mobility, whilst making it easier for individuals to communicate in any location. But how do select the best headset for your needs?

Connection considerations

The first consideration is whether the headset will work integrate with the soft line or desk phone being used. Brands like Sennheiser offer professional headsets that are all certified compatible with Skype for Business, but the issue is not just about technical compatibility.

Functional compatibility will also be important and whether calls can be answered, muted or put on hold, or if the volume can be changed, all via the headset?

The connection used should also be considered, with an increasing number of high-quality headsets utilising USB connectors, which offer greater flexibility to use the headset with both desktop endpoints and soft phone apps – better for mobile workers.

Sounds good to me

Audio quality is perhaps the next most important consideration, given that most users will be operating in busy open-plan office environments of varying sizes and background noise profiles.

It’s important that not too much of this background noise comes through on the microphone or the earphones, which can affect the sound quality on both sides of the call. It’s critical the microphone is just as good as the speakers, using noise-cancelling technology where possible.

Comfort is key

Linked to the comfort of hearing the speaker clearly, is the comfort of wearing the headset, for what me be a prolonged period and is another important aspect of keeping users happy.

Choosing between single or double-sided headphones will depend on users’ preferences. Typically, single-sided generally prove popular in environments where hearing colleagues remains important and double-sided tend to be favoured for longer calls, requiring a better focus from the user.

As the use of Skype for Business increases, more attention will need to be paid to how life is made more comfortable for users, if businesses are to get the most from their investment in the app.

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