Our number’s changed, but not the service quality

It is obvious from the increasing number of calls made to our business from mobiles that more people are working remotely, on the move or from home, without access to a business landline. The switch to the new 0333 number ensures that calls to find out how our services will benefit a business will now be included in the ‘free minutes’ allowance, rather than incurring the premium rate associated with calling 0845 numbers from mobiles.

Statistics show that now, on average, 32 per cent of the calls not included in mobile tariffs are calls to 08 numbers, which highlights the changing face of phone usage.

To recognise the important shift in how people use the most convenient form of communication, not necessarily the cheapest, a new European Union directive comes into force later this year.  Under the Consumer Rights Directive, it will become a legal requirement for businesses to provide a standard rate number for customer service lines and although ours is only an enquiry line, we still made the switch.

The number may have changed, but be assured the quality of our service has not – mobile or landline, please get in touch.

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