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Is your Managed Service Provider up to the job?


When the service you are currently receiving is not quite right, a few telling signs will indicate it’s time to seek a managed service provider (MSP) with a service offering better shaped to the unique needs of your firm. While it’s true that change can be unsettling, here are the most common symptoms of poor service:

Common Symptoms

Slow response: You may notice longer response times over time, which can be too easy to accept. If issues raised are either not receiving the necessary attention within a reasonable time, or the resolution takes too long.

Poor resolutions. Growing ticket numbers can be caused by lack of efficiency, skills or even accountability. A failing team can be dependent on a single hero and if a problem always requires their intervention, bottlenecks are inevitable and real problems will occur when they are off work.

Growing faster. When your partner responds slowly, ticket numbers are up and resolutions are slow, it shows there isn’t the required depth of service. The provider may lack expertise in critical areas or just not have enough of the right skills, which indicates you have outgrown them.

Recurring issues. When the same problem keeps occurring, your MSP is clearly failing to address the underlying causes of the issue, through lack of expertise or understanding. They should be able to show how any recurring issues are being investigated and resolved.

No proactivity. Issues can often be avoided if an MSP is proactive. When they specialise in a sector, they will share best practice across clients, so problems identified in one system are resolved in others. If they detect a recurring issue, they should resolve it and explain the reasons.

Incident fumbled. However good your systems, it’s still possible to suffer an incident that impacts your operations and it’s critical your MSP responds effectively. If you suspect they handled the incident poorly and didn’t go the extra mile for you, it’s time to look for better support.

Their work, not yours. This common problem creeps up slowly. Having outsourced the daily problem solving, your in-house IT team slowly get dragged off the special projects that transform your business and resolve an increasing number of small issues, because your MSP takes too long.

If you recognise these symptoms of poor service, you need to start your search for a more proactive MSP that understands the need for good communication, with strength in depth and a proven track record of delivering excellence through experience in the legal sector.

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