Inspiring the next generation of IT enthusiasts

On Thursday 3rd December, we attended the Black Country Chamber’s ‘Your Future Careers Fair’ at Q3 Academy, Great Barr.

The event was for young people aged 14-24 to inspire, enthuse and motivate them to think about prospective careers, the employment options available to them and to make the most of their remaining time in education.

It was part of a government funded national project aimed to deliver 250 events through Chambers of Commerce, attracting over 70,000 young people across England.

As Patrons to the Chamber, we decided to exhibit at the event to see how we could guide and aid young people. This was the first time we had ever attended a careers fair and it was an enlightening experience for us.

We met some very interesting students, mainly year 10 and 11 who were at that cross roads in life where they felt they should know what they wanted to do when they left school but in reality didn’t. We tried to reassure them that this is ok.

As IT solutions providers we caught the eye of many of the young people who are of the generation where computers play a massive role in their lives in so many different ways.

Many of the students we spoke to had a desire to ‘work with computers’ and wanted to know more about what it’s like to do the work we do. We tried to answer their questions and in many instances actually got them questioning more as they realised what a massive range of jobs and opportunities exist within ‘IT’.

We ran a competition for the student who could assemble a PC in the quickest time and have given an IPod shuffle away as a prize to the winner.

We wish all the students we met all the best in their future career choices.

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