How do you develop a modern workplace strategy?

In response for the need to work from home transforming into a desire to continue working from home, organisations are considering the need to deliver an effective and efficient modern workplace, with technology at its heart

Laptops, mobile working, remote security and contact solutions such as Microsoft Teams have ensured that most law firms operated close to normal throughout the pandemic, with many not just surviving, but thriving.

However, many of these working environments were constructed in haste, with many organisations recognising only now recognising they might have too many disparate remote solutions and need better security, productivity oversight and improved efficiency.

Know who is using what app and to do what
Cost is also becoming a consideration as organisations review their IT environments and develop a modern workplace strategy. But first it is critical to identify any security and compliance problems, given the growing threat from cyber-crime.

Now is the time to review your deployed workplace solutions and ensure they are secure, calling on the services of cyber security specialists if necessary to try and find the weaknesses before the hackers do.

Despite the best efforts of firms to implement an effective, secure modern workplace solution, it is common to find employees using their favourite apps that the firm is unaware of because it’s what they had become used to.

This shadow IT puts the security of the whole firm at risk and raises the very real problem of non-compliance on an organisational policy level, but also more worryingly in respect of industry regulations, such as those required by the SRA.

Know what you are paying for and not using
Reports constantly indicate organisations waste almost a quarter of their software licensing costs on software no longer used. It’s easy to understand how that happens; someone requests particular software to read or design a document, improve SEO of the website or manage their workflow.

The problem is compounded when people leave, change responsibility or location and start the whole process again. This common situation requires organisations to understand what software they have, what it’s used for and by whom, then assess if it’s worth it.

When developing your modern workplace strategy you should undertake a software and licencing audit to rationalise usage, remove duplication and shift to Cloud if possible. This will ensure all the right software is accessible to the right people within the organisation, wherever they work.

Know help is at hand to spread the load
Developing a modern workplace strategy can be tough while you maintain operational efficiency across your firm, which is where our expertise and experience can help. Our managed services team can amplify the work of your IT team to help them deliver the modern workplace your employees need to work productively, efficiently and securely anywhere.

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