Control room expansion saves lives for fire and rescue service

Our client is a UK fire and rescue service providing emergency service cover to a county in England.


Every emergency service in England uses a control room to deliver the service required to keep the public safe.

From the control room they are able to access CCTV and various other information that helps provide the service they do.

Our customer wanted to extend their control room, in fact they built a secondary room, to help make their service as efficient as possible. The ultimate aim being to minimise response times and help operators be as effective as possible.


Quiss Technology implemented a range of Audio Visual equipment into the new control room including all structured cabling, interactive projectors, industrial quality display units and all of the controls to run everything harmoniously.

These systems were also linked into the main Command and Control System that runs the 999 service enabling real time information to be made available to all the operators 24 hours a day.

This equipment is vital to the running of the emergency service. We therefore also provide support to all of the kit in the control room which means we will react and fix any issues that they have in an agreed timescale meaning that disruption to service is kept to a bare minimum.


The new system has doubled the control room capacity. This means there are twice as many operators at any one time leading to faster response times in an emergency and ultimately saving lives.

The systems also enable its operators to view the counties CCTV which makes the service more proactive to incidents as they happen. When reacting to an incident it also means that controllers have visibility of the emergency without actually being at the scene, enabling remote management of a situation and notifying all parties that should be involved.

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