VoIP proves to be Wright choice

When Wright Solicitors opened two new offices in Worcestershire, the communication between them was of paramount importance, so they turned to Quiss to implement the appropriate technology.

The firm is a longstanding client of Quiss and already benefitting from a hosted desktop solution for the more than 30 users across the firms head office in Dudley and new Bewdley offices.

Our Telecommunications Manager, Terry Faria explains: “Having two offices in the one town is not a problem, but knowing which to call can be. The first requirement was for the same telephone number to ring both offices, with the first available receptionist able to answer and deal with enquiries.

“The ability to transfer external calls between offices and for our staff to contact colleagues at the other office was equally important. All of these requirements could easily be met with the implementation of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications solution.

“Although only a few hundred yards apart, VoIP is the best solution to bring the offices together virtually and relies on existing connections to the internet. When we assessed the broadband circuit for the offices, we discovered our first problem.

“The upload and download speeds were inadequate to meet the VoIP and data requirements of a busy law firm like Wrights, so we arranged new connections for both offices. We were able to use Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) for one and Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) for the other office, giving us the capacity and speeds we needed.

“The much-maligned download speed quoted by internet service providers is not the only problem with modern bandwidth hungry applications. The upload speed is as important for VoIP to work effectively and maintain a high quality of service.

“The new broadband circuits have made a significant difference, with upload speeds now almost 20x faster than before and download speeds an impressive 3x faster. Callers to Wright Solicitors will not be aware calls are being transferred and dealt with over a VoIP network and that’s what really counts.”

Stan Williets, Managing Partner of Wright Solicitors commented: “We outsourced our IT support to Quiss some years ago and it proved an excellent decision. When they explain they have a solution to solve our problems, we tend to listen. The communications between our Bewdley offices was no different.

“Although cost was not the determining factor, free calls between the offices is a real plus. There were a number of factors that made the move to VoIP an easy one, but for law firms, the business continuity aspect of VoIP is an important consideration. If we can’t access our offices for whatever reason, we can route our numbers elsewhere and carry on without interruption.

“Quiss completed all the necessary work by the deadline and handled all the issues with their usual pragmatic approach that demonstrates nothing is too much trouble. We must have been pleased as we invited them to the drinks reception in Bewdley to herald the opening of the new offices.”

Converged telephony solutions allow smaller law firms to exploit technology to achieve more and compete with larger, less agile firms rooted in the past. If you would like to hear more about how your business would benefit from the implementation of new technology, speak to Terry Faria on 01827 265000.

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