Silver follows exam success

When you sell as much hardware as we do, there’s more to it than just buying boxes. We have to prove to our suppliers that we understand their products and how their use best suits the needs of our clients.

This is the case with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), who make annual testing a requirement of being able to specify their technology and achieve the best possible prices to pass onto our customers.

The exams, ‘Selling HPE SMB Solutions and Services’ and ‘Selling HP Personal Systems Hardware’ have to be undertaken by our sales team, with a successful outcome ensuring we retain our status as an HP Silver Partner.

It’s a tough test based on training and course materials with questions about knowledge gained doing the job and an expected level of industry knowledge. A question might ask: “Which HP solution replaces the BIOS boot block if a virus corrupts the notebook?” Simple, eh?

Luckily or should we say skilfully, we have a great procurement team headed up by the very experienced Dave Payne and we sailed through with flying colours. It’s all this detail going on behind the scenes that clients rarely see, that ensures we continue  to deliver the high quality service we are known for.

The answer if you were wondering, was; HP Sure Start. But you knew that, right?

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