Shortcuts for Outlook 2016

Continuing our theme of bringing you useful tips and shortcuts to help you be a little more productive every day using the familiar Microsoft Office 365 apps, here are a few for Outlook.

There’s so much more to it than just creating a new message, typing and hitting send. It will help you manage a major project, ensure you complete tasks by deadlines and help you make all your meetings in plenty of time.

But we know nothing will compare to that rare moment when your inbox is empty, so read on and achieve more.

Create a new item = Ctrl + N
Open a received message = Ctrl + O
Send and receive all = F9
Delete item = Ctrl + D
Mark selected message as read = Ctrl + Q
Mark selected message as unread Ctrl + U
Reply to the selected message = Ctrl + R
Forward the selected message = Ctrl + F
Send the current new message = Alt + S
Save message as a draft = Ctrl + S
Display the Check Names box = Ctrl + K
Run Spellcheck = F7
Use Thesaurus = Shift + F7
Close current open message = Esc
Switch to Mail = Ctrl + 1
Switch to Calendar = Ctrl + 2
Switch to Contacts = Ctrl + 3
Switch to Tasks = Ctrl + 4
To View Folders = Ctrl + 6
Print the current message = Ctrl + P
Search for a message = Ctrl + E
Go to a specific date in Calendar = Ctrl + G
Show 1 day in the calendar = Alt+1
Show 2 days in the calendar = Alt+2
Show 3 days in the calendar = Alt+3
Show 4 days in the calendar = Alt+4
Show 5 days in the calendar = Alt+5
Show 6 days in the calendar = Alt+6
Show 7 days in the calendar = Alt+7
Switch Calendar to Month view = Alt + =
Switch Calendar to Week view = Alt + –

In the next issue we’ll produce another useful ‘cut-out-and-keep’ list, but don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to pick up more of our useful shortcuts for all your favourite apps.

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James Smith, Training Manager, Quiss Technology plc

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