SharePoint Software Products

Although we tailor all SharePoint solutions to meet the unique requirements of your organisation, we offer a number of standardised modules that only require the minimum of customisation to allow them to be inserted into your systems.

The list currently includes the most popular applications, but we will be adding more in the future and remember, if it isn’t on the list, it’s because we haven’t been asked yet.

SharePersonnel – helping you manage your workforce efficiently

We have developed a number of applications to help you efficiently manage the people within your organisation, with applications to help with contact details, holidays and absence, all at the click of a few buttons, with options to expand engagement and build loyalty.

Comprehensive Employee Database – We make it easy to import or create employee records, allowing you to build your information screens to develop a unique solution. You can find and edit current employee files more easily, whilst retaining ex-employee files on the system for future reference. In time, we hope we can help you become a paperless (or at least greatly reduced!) office.

Holiday Calendar and Managing Absence – It’s essential you know who is absent, who’s on holiday, who wants a holiday authorised and more importantly when, so you can ensure you have the resources available, when you need them, to get the job done. We can also help you spot any negative trends with the built-in absence tracker allowing you to take any necessary action to solve the problem.

Efficient Workforce Management – The dynamic dashboard we build for you will be packed with features to help you streamline and manage HR activities, with detailed employee insights available at a glance, without wading through reams of irrelevant numbers. Regularly checking your task list will help you stay on course and be more productive.

Advanced User Permissions – You can use our pre-set permissions to assign employees, managers and administrators, or you can create personalised groups to allow different managers, like those in charge of the payroll, their own customised access rights. The file encryption technology we use ensures all information is safe and secure, delivering total control over what information and actions any individual has access to.

Organise your HR documents – The module includes a document library, which allows you to give employees access to all your policies and procedures, whilst keeping track of who’s read each one. You can also quickly access your employee specific documents to save even more time.

ShareIntranet – Traditionally an organisation’s intranet was seen as an exciting new way to keep employees informed of the latest news, but things are changing. Although it remains a great communication tool, the intranet is now proving a good way to raise productivity by enabling closer communication and collaboration between colleagues, together with improved automation and analysis.

We have delivered a range of intranet solutions, from simple communications portals through to larger productivity platforms, all built by a team capable of bringing greater productivity, efficiency and innovation to your intranet project.

As your organisation grows in size and complexity, your need to manage and interrogate information internally will also grow. Information is constantly being produced and consumed, yet to remain competitive and efficient you must increase access to this information to improve your decision making and increase productivity. And that’s where SharePoint and Quiss can help.

Our prefabricated SharePoint intranet package allows you to immediately share documents, collaborate on projects, and automate processes across all departments and sites.

Apart from the obvious increase in productivity, employee engagement and utilisation of resources, there are a number of advantages of our service:

  • Pain free deployment by the Quiss technical team using best practice techniques
  • Quick and cost effective implementation of a highly functional intranet application
  • High level embedded security and user permissions
  • Built to meet the specific needs of your organisation
  • Framework built to grow as your organisation grows
  • Save time and reduce business costs
  • Accelerated business process


We can help your organisation improve its training, by developing an online application that allows you to quickly create your own courses, with your own directly relevant content. Our Q-Training module will help increase training efficiency and reduce your costs, whilst allowing you to easily evaluate the impact of the training courses you design.

You can import content as PowerPoint, Video, Document or PDF files, before adding voice narration. Compliance and understanding can be measured with quizzes, duration tracking, engagement tracking and reporting to see who needs additional support and who needs a promotion.

Tracking trainee progress and generating reports to measure the effectiveness of your training is easy and can be constantly modified to reflect changes in your organisation and training needs. You can define administrator, trainer and manager roles to control levels of access to content and user groups.

The Q-Training application makes it easy to ensure trainees undertake training courses in the required order, whilst grouping courses and series of courses into easy to navigate catalogues.


It is important organisations recognise that third-party applications, like Q-Docs will extend SharePoint’s capabilities. Thanks to our expertise, it becomes both a rich collaboration portal and a central document store, creating a better and more comprehensive platform for managing, searching and tracking the information created at every level in your organisation.

Finding the right documents and files is easy with the really fast search function that can find anything in mere seconds, offering a full text search within documents. Similarly archiving documents is just as quick and easy, helping free up time for added productivity.

Your teams can work and edit documents together, whilst saving space on Exchange by sending links to documents instead of attachments. And thanks to the auto-versioning feature, you never have to worry about searching for a correct version, you always know you are working with the latest version.

Q-Docs allows you to keep track of modifications made to documents, who made them and importantly when. In a collaborative environment there is always the risk, when multiple users have access to the same documents that simultaneous, but different changes will be made with important data lost.

Q-Docs provides a check-in/check-out function, which ensures only one person can work on a specific document at any one time, preventing team members from overwriting changes made by a colleague. All this capability is available from anywhere with an internet connection, whether that’s office, home or out on the road.

That’s just a flavour of some of the ready to plug-in modules we can tailor to suit your system and needs, but if you want to hear more about the advantages or would like to discuss your unique requirements, please get in touch – Quiss can help.