Business Continuity

There are any number of reasons a business can find it is denied access to its premises, whether it’s a fire next door or a civil emergency, the effect is the same; major disruption. To cope with any such eventuality, Quiss has purpose-built, fully equipped recovery suites available in Tamworth, able to accommodate up to 100 individuals.

If you cannot access your premises, for whatever reason, our Tamworth-based Recovery Suites ensure we can re-create your office and IT environment within hours. In the event of a disaster, our specialist recovery team will be on hand to assist in relocating your staff in an efficient, yet effective manner.

Each position in our recovery suite includes a desk, chair, desktop PC, a phone and data connection; all available for a very competitive price. Your critical operations can be live with a minimum of disruption to your communications, your staff and critically your customers.

In these circumstances, speed is of the essence. By maintaining a desktop image of all the PC applications utilised by our clients, we can quickly create a copy of an individual’s own PC, at a desk in our recovery suite and have them back up and running just as soon as they can get here.

  • Business Continuity Office Recovery service
  • Custom-built disaster recovery suite in Tamworth
  • Fully secure data centre
  • Fast internet connectivity
  • Advanced telephony with direct dial functionality and voicemail
  • Call redirection for remote workers
  • 12 week recovery period as standard
  • Remote access
  • Up to 100 employees accommodated
  • Full on-site support

All businesses should have a detailed, tested and proven IT Business Continuity Management Plan ideally with a Workplace Recovery option, which may include a remote site, but still, businesses trade on without this necessary and sensible precaution. For those undertaking regulated activity, the plan will often form part of a business’ operating licence.

We have clients spread throughout the UK and to demonstrate our commitment to providing a professional level of business support we tailor a range of Workplace Recovery and Business Continuity solutions to your needs with easily accessed recovery suites available at our Tamworth headquarters.

We continue to strengthen our coverage and provide the best Workplace Recovery and Business Continuity solutions to businesses and organisations like yours, from SME’s to multi-site global corporations and just about everything in between. In fact, the only thing they all have in common is the belief that it will never happen to them.