Despite your best efforts, situations will often arise that adversely impact the ability of systems, infrastructure and applications to operate normally, affecting the operation of your organisation.

It could be a natural or man-made disaster that affects an office location, a technical issue or cyber-attack that affects the integrity of a system, network or application, but limiting downtime is the key.

Disaster Recovery

It’s important to remember, the more comprehensive the IT disaster recovery plan, the better chance the business has of recovering from the disaster. As part of any IT Disaster Recovery contract, Quiss will fully document and test recovery procedures in accordance with the particular needs of your organisation.

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Business Continuity

If you cannot access your premises, our Tamworth-based Recovery Suites ensure we can re-create your office and IT environment within hours. In the event of a disaster, our specialist recovery team will be on hand to assist in relocating your staff in an efficient, yet effective manner.

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