In our experience, it’s not just hardware issues that can cause problems and undermine your IT infrastructure, although they can be more obvious and easy to fix when they go wrong. Every organisation now relies on the interoperability of an ever-increasing range of software programmes and applications. Knowing how well they work together before you invest is a big advantage and something we can help with.

It’s not just about selling new software, we offer a responsive and reliable software support service that extends to third party applications, to ensure you can concentrate on core activities and we ensure it all just works as it should.

In fact with our outstanding support and maintenance service for your software, we don’t just make it work as it should, but make it better; we help you lessen the risks associated with system changes and extend the life of your systems by working closely with you and understanding your objectives.

If you have business critical systems prone to regular failure or your software is customised to the point the original supplier is unable to support it, we can work with you to strengthen and stabilise your system, helping reduce future maintenance costs and improve productivity.

We can support you over the phone, with secure, remote connection to your system to allow remote troubleshooting and remote fixes (where possible). The service is backed up by a nationwide network of highly qualified and experienced engineers that provide comprehensive cover wherever an organisation is located – everywhere is on our doorstep.

We offer the flexibility to provide a maintenance service to meet any organisation’s specific requirements, from time and materials cover through to a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year service commitment, with guaranteed fix times. Response times can also be tailored to individual requirements to ensure minimum disruption.

In short, whether you need new software, modified applications or support for your existing system environment, Quiss can help, you just need to get in touch and we’ll show you how.