TITAN delivers enterprise level managed threat solutions

To mitigate the potential financial and reputational damage to your organisation from a successful and sustained cyber-attack, early detection of the threat is critical.

In addition to all the daily issues your IT team or our helpdesk team have to cope with, like resetting passwords, installing drivers and fixing conflicts, it is too much to expect them to possess the resources or specialist knowledge to proactively identify daily attacks.

Implementing a robust and effective cyber security strategy is both time-consuming and expensive. Recruiting and maintaining the qualifications of specialised security personnel and ensuring they have access to the latest technology is expensive. Can you justify the cost?

You are reading this because you recognise the threat is real and you understand the implications to your future of a successful attack. Now it’s just about balancing the cost against the risk. If cost was no concern you would have the best team available sat in your office. But it is a consideration.

The answer is to buy-in the expertise when you need it. This ensures you do not have to worry about keeping up to date with the threat environment; that’s taken care of by others.

Intuitive security that gets under your skin

Even we do not have the need for a permanent, fully resourced, specialised security team. Which is why we have partnered with Information Security specialists to offer you the benefits of TITAN, a fully-managed cyber security information and event management solution.

With TITAN, you receive the benefits of an enterprise grade detection and response service at a fraction of the cost. It combines the very latest intrusion detection technologies and the latest threat intelligence, all supported by a fully-staffed Security Operations Centre (SOC) running 24/7/365.

From the day TITAN plugs into your network, it begins to recognise and make sense of how data flows around your organisation. This identification of normal business as usual patterns is key to evaluating the behaviour of your system and the people that use it.

All this information and service availability monitoring, gives the Security Operations Centre team a clear indication of what a network anomaly looks like. If TITAN then discovers large amounts of data being moved out-of-hours, to an unidentified destination, it will raise the alarm.

TITAN acts as a virtual extension of your technology infrastructure and relieves pressure on your internal IT team. It also reduces the need for you to recruit specialist internal Information Security personnel; you can leave that worry to us and our security partners.

TITAN is the all-seeing, all-hearing eye that never sleeps. It’s only purpose is to keep you, your business and its data safe, dealing with threats from without and within.

  • Includes 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre staffed by security experts
  • Provides advanced threat detection and threat analysis reporting
  • Monitors and logs network assets to prevent rogue device infiltration
  • Augments existing system and software patch management
  • Fully expandable to match your system growth