Phishing Tackled

Opening one wrong email could spell disaster for your organisation

You would hope by now that everyone understands the dangers lurking within email, yet 1 in 10 individuals will still fall foul of a phishing attack.

More than 90% of hacking attacks follow a phishing or spear-phishing email and increasingly it is employees being targeted – they are the weak link in your security.

Unfortunately, a lot of organisations and the people that work for them believe it will never happen to them. All your employees have had the induction training, warning them about cyber-criminals and you send them regular updates reminding them what to look out for.

Surely that’s enough? No.

People become complacent and criminals change their methods of attack. All of which could lead to a catastrophic security breach that damages your organisation beyond repair or recovery.

This is happening now all across the world and now some of the attacks are just malicious, without any attempt to extort money or steal data.

Phishing Tackled is a new approach to your ongoing security. We conduct simulated phishing attacks that will test the security awareness and reaction of all your employees.

Working closely with you, we create believable, credible emails tailored to your organisation, appearing to come from likely contacts that might lower an individual’s guard – just like the emails the real criminals will send.

Our attacks will replicate all the favoured attack methods. We can target specific groups within your organisation at different times, with different emails and many with fake toxic attachments.

Phishing Tackled is not testing physical security, or your firewall, or your system security, it is testing the link in the chain most likely to fail during a cyber-attack; your people.

Please get in touch now and learn why for the cost, Phishing Tackled needs to be part of your security armoury.

Phishing Tackled is easy to set up and we could be helping protect your organisation within hours.

Benefits of Phishing Tackled

Measured and reported

Phishing Tackled provides measurable results that show who responded to the simulated attack and what action they took; opened, clicked links, forwarded etc.

The comprehensive reports identify areas for improvement and which individuals need some help. Initially, we expect a failure rate close to 33%, which should scare you. But after subsequent reminders and ongoing training, the failure rate should fall to approximately 5%, which should still worry you.

It is unlikely you will ever achieve a success rate of 100%; we’re dealing with humans, some under pressure, some not feeling well, some working from home and some just plain forgetful.

The fact we always catch someone out is why you need to learn more about Phishing Tackled and sit through one of our short demonstrations. It might be the most important 20 minutes you spend this year.

Training and retention

As part of the Phishing Tackled service, we offer training that explains what to do and what to avoid, but until an employee experiences a ‘real’ phishing attack, you do not know how they will react. When they are shown the possible consequences of their actions, employees understand the role each one play in keeping their organisation and quite possibly their job safe.

In fact, our training services form an important role in defending our clients against cyber-criminals. We undertake regular training sessions on security best practice, covering everything from creating strong passwords to how to protect the organisation’s data on the move.

Of course, the testing will also identify employees more susceptible to modern phishing attacks, who continually fail test throughout the year. You can concentrate more training budget on these individuals or take steps to ensure their actions do not jeopardise the entire organisation.

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