Our simple to use portal features sixty probing questions, in logical sections, designed to interrogate you, your business and your approach to compliance with GDPR.

You will be assessed on data protection and information security compliance. Your approach to data sharing and subject access requests will be assessed, along with an appraisal of your records management. There will also be practical measures to help with your direct marketing questions.

The answers you provide will be reviewed by a UK-based data protection solicitor, experienced in every aspect of the new GDPR regulations. You will receive a detailed report that highlights critical issues (Red), urgent issues (Amber) and areas you can worry less about (Green).

If you are worried you may not yet be fully compliant, our simple assessment process considers what aspects of GDPR will have the greatest impact on your business and help identify your immediate priorities.

If you are satisfied you are already compliant or well on the way, it might just be worth a quick check to ensure all your boxes are ticked and you can prove you have taken the necessary actions. What have you got to lose, except perhaps a big fine or your reputation!

  • Easy to use online portal with probing questions
  • Data Protection and Information security assessment
  • Records management appraisal
  • Review by UK-based data protection solicitor

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