We support our clients on a daily basis, solving problems as they arise on their networks, with their systems and within their infrastructure.

But the new breed of hacker poses a different threat beyond that encountered by managed IT service providers.

These sophisticated hackers are attempting to gain access to organisations like yours, looking to exploit vulnerabilities and steal money, data, assets and ultimately your reputation. Firewalls, correctly configured networks, maintaining current patches, etc., can only protect you so much.

Modern computers and networks require regular vulnerability scanning to detect and defend against the evolving threat landscape. We can only do so much in the fight to keep you secure. The most effective solutions require very specialist skills and knowledge of the dark-side.

Hackers are seeking holes in your system and if you’re lucky you will detect and deny them access. But remember, some of the most effective hackers may never reveal their presence, which should worry you even more.

Constant changes to devices, configurations, applications and even new patches can leave you susceptible to an attack, even with the experienced team here at Quiss Technology keeping your security controls up to date.

Best we find the vulnerabilities first

ATLAS Vulnerability Scanning will help solve the issues presented by the discovery of a new security vulnerability every 90 minutes and an average of 7 vulnerabilities per asset typically identified across an IT environment.

The ATLAS deep scanning process, which identifies more than 8000 vulnerabilities each year, is facilitated with a small discreet unit plugged into your network. It helps find the fixes needed to close the door to hackers and keep on closing them each time they try to open a new way in.
The scan will identify the problems and offer guidance on what steps are needed to fill the holes – actions needed by you and sometimes by us, if we’re managing your systems. ATLAS provides automated reports that constantly identify the threats and detail the remedial actions.

Weaknesses in your system are assessed and graded according to their critical status. The easily accessible reports tell you what to do and you can pass the information to us, to further limit your hands-on involvement in the security process.

And remember, maintaining anti-virus/malware applications is critical to your total Information Security strategy, many current sophisticated attacks will defeat these applications. Which should worry you just a little more.

ATLAS Vulnerability Scanning of your network, systems, infrastructure and all connected devices will offer the best chance of mitigating the almost inevitable attack, when it happens.

  • Fully automated scanning process, requires no technical knowledge
  • Simple to understand Vulnerability reports with remedial steps guidance
  • Informed from continuously updated threat intelligence database
  • Identifies hacker-friendly weaknesses in your network
  • No capital expenditure and audit trail to help compliance