Unified Communications

Home Working – Efficient. Effective. Productive.

With just an internet connection, we can help you ensure home and remote workers are a seamless extension of your main office, making it easy for customers and colleagues to reach them. We will use a range of telephony solutions to create a unified communications strategy for your business.

Small businesses can expand their employee resources by enabling people to work remotely, from anywhere in the world, with calls routed through the network to reduce costs and eliminate variable phone expenses.

This seamless integration of remote workers allows you to reduce expensive office space or maintain your current office even though your business is growing and employing more people.

Call handling is simple with a browser-based interface that allows users to click to dial, transfer, hold, conference and access hundreds of speed dial entries, with lots more besides. Productivity can be increased by integrating desktop calling and communications capabilities with applications such as Microsoft® Outlook and Salesforce.com®. And connecting through a Virtual Private network (VPN) allows you to reduce or even eliminate phone expenses for remote workers.

Presence features allow remote workers and their office colleagues to ‘see’ the status of each other; they will know who’s engaged, away from their desk, not wanting to be disturbed etc. You can also record, archive and replay calls for monitoring and training purposes.

Our ability to create a fully unified communications strategy for your organisation ensures you can grow and employ the most qualified people, regardless of their location. Fewer people commuting is good for the environment as well as cutting down on the required office space, which is also pretty green.

If a remote worker loses VPN connectivity or there isn’t sufficient bandwidth they remain productive by being able to leverage their PC interface and home/wireless phones to stay connected. You can also extend the hours your organisation operates by seamlessly integrating workers from around the globe in different time zones, without paying overtime.

It’s not the future, it’s the present. Even if it’s not something you have considered before for your organisation, it is worth a chat to understand the benefits that are easily available. Remember, Quiss can help.

Mobile Solutions – Stay connected, stay productive.

We have the experience to help you develop an innovative and unified communications strategy for your organisation and with single number accessibility we can ensure employees away from the office remain accessible.

Whether employees are with clients, on the factory floor or out on the road, they can still be reached with any phone easily turned into an extension of an office phone. Users give out just a single number, their office number, and when someone calls, the office phone and mobile ring simultaneously.

With the latest technology you can create and manage conference calls from any mobile device with a single click. You can also extend both your presence and instant messaging capabilities to your mobile device, allowing you to see who is available at any time and let you contact them through instant messaging.

Regardless of the size of your workplace, you can easily install a wireless IP phone to allow employees to roam the office or shop-floor, whilst still able to be contacted as if they were sat at their desk.

We will ensure you have easy access to all your messages, whether you are using a smartphone, laptop or mobile phone. Any voicemail messages, along with your emails will appear in a single inbox and using visual voicemail on your smartphone or PC you can prioritize messages and even listen to and reply to emails over the phone using text-to-speech technology.

Regardless of where your staff are, they can remain connected and responsive to your customers, helping to deliver the all-important high quality service your customers or stakeholders want.

Making it easier for your staff to stay connected with colleagues and access messages while out of the office can only help increase productivity and strengthen client relationships; it also builds a more engaged workforce. By routing calls through an IP phone, you can also track and monitor calls to capture data about customer interactions, whilst reducing your overall calling costs by taking advantage of business calling plans.

Microsoft Desktop Integration

As an authorised partner for both Microsoft and Avaya, we are ideally placed to ensure you achieve an efficient and effective integration of voice, video, presence, mobile, conferencing and chat – true desktop integration.

Microsoft Lync offers you and the people within your organisation freedom of choice. It allows every user to benefit from its capabilities in a way that’s based on their role, location, the task being undertaken, or even their personal preferences, with everything permissions controlled at administrator level.

We will show you how choosing to deploy Microsoft Lync will empower everyone within your organisation with the most intuitive and effective tools to perform effectively and maximize their contribution.

Instant Messaging features allow users can message each other quickly and easily communicate with users on other networks such as Skype, Yahoo! and AOL. Users can search the Global Address List for contacts, invite multiple participants to an IM conference, add an Exchange distribution list as a contact group, escalate IM to voice/video call, and add desktop sharing on the fly.

Lync will also deliver voice capabilities via VoIP to enhance or replace your traditional phone system, include calling features such as answer, forward, transfer, hold, divert, release, and park. Support for analogue devices and a broad range of both IP and USB user devices is offered and users can access these features over the Internet without using a VPN connection.

Lync Meeting combines desktop video, audio conferencing, web conferencing, content sharing and room-based video conferencing solutions into a single, unified conferencing experience. Recognising the challenges a modern organisation faces, it copes as easily with often urgently required ad hoc calls as it does scheduled conferences.

Lync allows colleagues to quickly share information, in the most efficient way possible, either one-to-one or on across a wider team and when it comes to deploying it, Quiss can help. So please get in touch today and start the journey that will deliver the benefits of a seamless collaboration of workflow, call flow and business applications throughout your organisation, in a single unified communications solution.