Call Management Reporting

If your organisation receives a high call volume or you manage a busy call centre, as an Avaya partner we can ensure you have the relevant reporting data necessary to identify operational issues within your organisation and help you resolve them.

A comprehensive range of powerful analysis and reporting tools allow you take control and be more pro-active. You can see missed calls, identify which represent potential business and choose to call back and increase your chances of winning business or improving your customer service.

Comprehensive reports will help you analyse your call traffic and identify the busy periods, allowing you to manage your resources more efficiently. You will be able to use this information to manage your call handling and ensure customers rarely hear the engaged tone to help strengthen your client relationships.

You can monitor the performance of individual staff members, a particular team or a whole department to see who is hitting their target and who might need more support. Accurate reporting will also help you monitor your marketing campaigns, allowing you to instantly review the response rates to particular adverts and discover the ones that are delivering your best return on investment.

Effective call management will help you capitalise on your advertising and instantly review response rates to particular adverts, showing you which one is giving you the best return on investment.

Our experience and partnership with Avaya will help you get the integrated analysis and reporting solution your organisation needs; so get in touch and we’ll show you how Quiss can help.

Bill Analysis

A lot of organisations in the UK continue to spend more than they need to every year being sold the wrong tariffs for both business mobiles and their landlines. As part of our comprehensive converged telephony solution, we will undertake a free audit to establish just how much your organisation could save; a significant sum in all likelihood.

We will create a detailed report, compiled from your current bills and/or online accounts, which will then allow us to analyse your current usage, what you currently spend and the calling patterns. Then, working with one of our qualified telecoms business consultants, we will compare the current tariff and spend on your existing mobile and landline solution against our recommended alternatives.

Our detailed bill analysis will highlight the percentage of calls made between your organisation’s mobiles along with the most frequently dialled numbers. It will also show you the percentage of peak and off peak calls made and the percentage of calls made to UK landlines, along with the percentage of calls made to numbers on the same network as yours.

This in-depth analysis will allow us to recommend an alternative network and tariff that we believe better suits the needs of your organisation, whilst helping you make significant savings. When it comes to phones, bills and calls, Quiss can help.

Call Recording

For many organisations, accounting for time spent on phone calls can both be important and challenging – particularly if individuals use their mobiles to make and take calls. Modern IP-based phone systems route all calls internally or to mobiles, then all the necessary information is collected to create accurate and detailed reports. You then have all the details you need to help strengthen client relationships and ensure every minute is accounted for.

Both traditional and the latest IP-based phone systems allow you to record phone conversations to help handle client relationships and improve the training of your call handlers to optimise their performance. Once you have the recordings, you can file away all these recordings and retrieve them later for review and potentially for distribution in emails.

Quiss will also guide you through the legalities and advice for introducing call recording to your business including advice to keep you within FSA and Oftel guidelines.

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