SharePoint Consultancy

It is important organisations realise the maximum return on their investment in technology and that we not only help our clients achieve this but help them gain competitive advantage through the implementation of enterprise technologies like SharePoint.

Implementation – Working with organisations of all sizes and complexity, we work hard to understand your needs and objectives, before recommending the most suitable SharePoint solution. We will then work with you to implement the technology, following industry best practice and exploiting our undoubted skills, but shaped by our experience of performing more SharePoint implementations than we care to remember.

Development – We extend Microsoft SharePoint’s platform capabilities to the maximum; whether we are developing websites, portals, content management systems or search engines, wikis, blogs, and business intelligence tools, we make it work hard. Our experience of many detailed SharePoint projects make sure we develop solutions that offer higher user productivity and easier maintainability. And remember, every solution is tailor-made, with all the developmental procedures driven by you and the needs of your organisation.

Migration – It can be a real challenge to migrate a Microsoft SharePoint platform from one version to another or to a new location for the first time, determining what content assets currently exist and which ones should be migrated, but it’s a challenge we have accepted many times. We regard ourselves as one of the most experienced service providers, having undertaken many such migration projects over many years and will help you utilize your system to its full extent.

Design – An extremely important SharePoint component is the design. All our SharePoint based solutions, such as websites and portals, are designed to reflect the brand, character and style of your organisation. It’s important your customers, internal or external, experience the right look and feel about your organisation, before they even read a single word.

Support – Even though SharePoint is a highly intuitive system, you have to train your support teams, IT personnel and end-users how best to maximize its potential. Direct, face to face training typically achieves the best results and we can provide on-site end-user training or we can help train your own instructors in the use of your specific SharePoint solution.

For growing organisations or those with a high turnover of employees, keeping everyone up to date and training new users how to get the most out of SharePoint can be a problem, but one easily addressed with bespoke instructional videos. We can create custom training videos that help everyone understand the operation of your specific SharePoint solution, easily shared with your entire workforce to for a refresher.

Business Intelligence (BI) – The role of BI has evolved significantly in recent years. Summarized general data and trend analysis have given way to comprehensive solutions that allow senior managers to quickly formulate tactical and strategic decisions, based on information from all systems, processes and employees across the organization.

Once you have made the decision to understand, plan and operate your organisation better, many questions must be answered before a BI project can begin: What are our objectives? Who are the users? What date do we need? How will users analyse the data? And a lot more besides. We have the experience and knowledge to work with you to choose the right approach and help every step of the way.

Every organization is unique and requires a tailored approach to achieving the right BI solution. It is important the solution integrates with your normal business systems and processes, rather than expecting these to change to align with the BI solution.

We are confident we have both the business and technical experience to implement the best solution for your organization, but if you want proof, please get in touch and we can discuss your aspirations and start shaping the BI solution to meet your needs.