ISV Hosting

We offer either a dedicated or shared solution for Independent Software Vendors (ISV), depending on their particular preferences or what stipulations their clients put in place. Whatever the choice, Quiss can help.

We will create a dedicated infrastructure for the sole use of any ISV, allowing them to ‘slice and dice’ to meet the needs of their clients, or ISV’s can choose our shared infrastructure to deliver the same applications.

In our experience, Software as a Service (SaaS) is ideally suited to the shared infrastructure model.

We are flexible in our approach to building long-term working relationships with ISVs:

  • We can act as the ISV Partner, allowing the client to determine the costing level
  • We can act as the ISV and provide fee income
  • We offer several different financial options
  • We can ‘white-label’ our services as the ISV’s own solution

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