Hosted Desktop

If your productivity and efficiency could be improved by securely accessing a fully functioning hosted desktop with all your applications, from anywhere, with any device, Quiss can help. We will ensure you can access your desktop from the office, home or on the move, whether you use a traditional desktop PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

It’s been talked about for a long time, but the Cloud is now significantly changing the way technology is implemented and utilised across organisations of all sizes and complexity. Almost all the infrastructure, systems and applications a business relies on to perform, can be Cloud-based, with many available on a ‘no contract – pay as you go’ basis.

We continue to assist clients with on-premise solutions, but even for those that prefer to own and manage their own infrastructure, Cloud computing forms an important part of their IT strategy. Experiencing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of all the available solutions on a daily basis puts us in a unique position to advise on the Cloud for every organisation and every unique situation.

The ability to save time and money, whilst improving collaboration, engagement and productivity are the big plus points for the Cloud. Not far behind these reasons to go Cloud are ease of use, reliability and scalability, with security and confidentiality the main sticking points in the decision process for many organisations.

It is time we left behind the old labels and arguments about Public versus Private Cloud solutions. We must now accept that for most businesses the answer lies in a hybrid solution that mixes ownership and sharing, with the balance determined by the unique requirements of the business in question.

Cloud Considerations

There are a significant number of parameters that can impact the Cloud model selected by clients, but for most organisations there are five primary considerations that influence their choice:

Isolation – separating users of one organisation from the users of other organisations to prevent leakage of data or activities between the two. Isolation is one of the most critical differentiators amongst hosting models.

Performance – ensuring the performance of one organisation’s users does not negatively affect the performance of users of another organisation using the same hosting model.

Flexibility – the ability to shape the solution to deliver unique environmental, setting security or performance aspects to users of each organisation based on the specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed with organisation at the outset.

Administration – the ability for tenants to undertake a degree of self-service administration on their own hosting environment.

Cost – the ability to balance the capabilities listed above at a cost appropriate to the unique requirements of the organisation.

Striking the right balance of isolation, performance, flexibility, self-service administration and cost relies on a deep and genuine understanding of an organisations objectives.

Benefits of using a hosted desktop solution from Quiss Technology:

  • Same user experience as desktop PC
  • Staff can access data from anywhere, anytime with any device
  • Potential to reduce IT costs and energy bills
  • Little or no upfront costs depending on model
  • High quality, responsive IT support included
  • Flexible and easy to manage per user monthly payments
  • No upfront software licensing cost
  • Secure, encrypted internet connection
  • Increased security with no data stored on users’ devices
  • Data stored in UK data centre guarantees data security
  • Easy disaster recovery and backup options
  • High availability servers and disk storage
  • Infrastructure monitored 24/7

An Alternative View

This brief overview gives you a flavour of the different options available to you and your organisation. To make the right choice, depends on the balance of isolation, performance, flexibility, self-service administration and cost you want to achieve or are prepared to accept.

Shared Desktop + Shared Infrastructure

Think of it as a house of multiple occupancy. Your landlord owns the property and covers all repairs, all the bills and owns all the furniture. You just rent a single room and share the bathroom, kitchen, lounge etc. Your door has a lock but it’s not that secure and you have to trust the other tenants not to break in. And you have no real control over what your room looks like and another tenant might store their bike which you can’t use in the hall where it distracts and obstructs you.

Dedicated Desktop + Shared Infrastructure

This time you still rent a room in a house of multiple occupancy but now you have your own front door, kitchen, lounge etc. You have a bedroom with an en-suite and another bedroom to expand or turn into a study, office or playroom. Of course the landlord is still responsible for the up-keep of the property and the bills, but it’s your furniture and you can decorate your own rooms. It’s a well sound-proofed home though and you are not really aware of your neighbours.

Dedicated Desktop + Dedicated Infrastructure

It gets even better now as you are the only tenant of the house owned by your landlord. They remain responsible for the upkeep and utility bill, but you have pretty much free reign to do what you want in the property. You own all the furniture and if you want to fit custom made items to suit your lifestyle, like a bar, home cinema or walk in wardrobes for all your stuff, the landlord will help you do it. In fact, having done it before the landlord will even offer advice on how best to do it.

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