Re-entry Procedures – getting back to work

Getting back to work

As social distancing measures slowly rollback, the time has come for many firms to facilitate a return to their offices to work and meet with clients. How is your firm going to manage this transition?

This is a big subject area with no blueprint for how it has been done in the past, so in order to give us some perspective, we spoke to Martyn Wells from Wells Technology Services to find out more about this.

“It’s a difficult period we’re now in reality. Whilst many staff have actually detested working from home, the paradox is that if we don’t get things right, we’ll be hit by a second wave and back to basic all over again. Our country’s economy and the mental health of our remaining workforces deserves better than that and we all need to play our role” explained Wells.

“There are businesses that think that merely providing some basic homeworking tools such as Windows Virtual Desktop or Citrix completes their Digital Transformation when they couldn’t actually be further from the truth. That is a big issue in its own right, but right now businesses need to focus themselves on how they will re-enter the workplace safely, and to nurture and care for their workforce who might be fearful of a return to work.”

“The firms that get it right will invest in external help as delicate project management is required to ensure that HR, Internal Comms, Facilities, IT, Marketing, Finance, Admin and Reception staff all know their roles in the return programme, have a clear understanding of current and forthcoming social distancing rules and regulations, and have a clear whistleblowing policy for persistent offenders who fail to adhere to clear guidance. It’s really not worth trying it on the fly – it’s such a disservice to any businesses most important asset, it’s people” concluded Wells.

Some interesting comments and ideas from Martyn, but as we all know we will all probably get some right and some wrong…..if you would like to have a conversation with Martyn he can be found at

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