Quiss and the management of talent

As a leading provider of managed IT services, it is easy to think of Quiss as a technology business, but that is too simple in the current competitive and challenging commercial environment.

The focus now has become more about the people within the business. The responsibility for recruiting, retaining and developing the next generation of IT Analysts, Technicians and Consultants falls to me, Shelley Vaisey, Head of Talent Management at Quiss Technology.

With over 18 year’s recruitment, people development and training experience, I have brought to Quiss a new approach to building a close-knit team. I believe it’s about job satisfaction and recognition; showing people how much the business values their contribution and detailing what the business can do to help each individual progress their career. Of course, money is important, but in my experience, it’s rarely the deciding factor.

The technology market space is ever changing; aiming to make its users lives, socially and professionally easier, more fluid and richer in terms of information availability – the Quiss approach to developing its team members reflects this.

We have a ‘home grown talent programme’ that gives everyone an equal chance to upskill. Training at an individual pace, with the appropriate support structures in place, Quiss recognise that it isn’t just high performers that need nurturing when it comes to technical and commercial skills development.

We use real time business intelligence to analyse skills gaps, to focus on developing individuals with the right attitude, determination and technical understanding. We know who is performing well and who needs more support, allowing us to tailor training programmes to the specific needs of every individual – what they need, when they need it and what’s good for our business.

Progressive IT organisations focus on managing their talent. People are our most valuable asset and as such, allowing team members to develop at their own pace, within a secure and industry recognised environment is key to the ongoing success of Quiss Technology.

Shelley Vaisey, Head of Talent Management, Quiss Technology plc

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