Premium partner gets OK from OKI

At Quiss, we have been supplying inkjet, laser and multifunction printers to our clients for many users, but like all the hardware we specify, we only work with the best, most reliable and trusted brands.

It is no different when it comes to printers. One of the printer brands we work with is OKI, an award winning Japanese manufacturer of all types of printers, from simple desktop mono lasers to large multifunction colour printers, designed to sit at the heart of an organisation’s document workflow.

OKI believes that business success is born from working closely with partners to develop outstanding industry solutions and services that answer the needs of customers – and we couldn’t agree more.

For more than 28 years we have worked with our partners to shape technology to help our clients achieve more, across a diverse range of sectors, from legal services to security printing.

Our efforts in supplying printers and consumables to our clients in far-flung destinations like Timbuktu in Mali or Luanda in Angola have been recognised by OKI, who has awarded us Premium Partner status. Okay it’s not an Oscar, but it’s still nice to have.

As an OKI Premium Partner, we get to see all the good stuff first and we get to attend OKI hosted events where we can network with experts from the print industry. This shapes the advice we offer our clients and ensures they have the most current and relevant information with which to make decisions when upgrading print equipment.

Our commitment to OKI also guarantees our inclusion on their ‘Locate a Dealer’ website, which is important if you want to use some of the best printers on the market, because OKI does not sell direct to consumers.

So all in all, it’s a new logo and a few new features which will help us sell more printers, to more organisations more often. But the real plus for our clients is that we continue to look forward and take every step to ensure we improve our offering, from managed IT services and converged telephony to IT training and printers. Is that OKI?

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