Experience Monitoring

Learn more about your team

The enormous shift to remote working has created problems that experience monitoring solutions are uniquely capable of resolving.

The ability to gather real-time, actionable data about the experience of workers can have a massive impact on the success of a business. The benefits range from increasing productivity and uptime to improving employee morale and ultimately boosting the customer experience.

NetMotion Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

Remote workers have traditionally been a blind spot for IT and mobility teams. NetMotion DEM provides real-time data about the device, application and network performance in a single pane of glass. No other DEM solution can provide the same level of insight into mobile workers, showing real-time, non-synthetic information on networks, applications, devices and much more.

Improve the experience

While other experience monitoring products can reveal what’s going wrong, few can help proactively and reactively resolve issues. NetMotion’s policy features and optimised tunnel do exactly that. When things go wrong for remote workers, NetMotion provides help desk teams with a diagnostics snapshot to facilitate swift resolution. The NetMotion VPN is also the only technology of its kind to actively improve the employee experience, silently keeping workers productive and free from frustration.

NetMotion provides in-depth visibility, all the way to the edge

  • Data from the device
  • Data from the OS
  • Data from the application
  • Data from the network – any network

NetMotion helps customers turn data insights into business value

  • Conditional policy engine
  • Native remediation
  • Integrated VPN and SDP/ZTNA
  • Diagnostics-powered policy
  • Proactive and reactive

NetMotion does this while optimising device and network performance

  • Lightweight application
  • No impact on battery
  • Optimised connectivity
  • Full OS parity
  • Invisible and makes users happy