Secure access for the modern law firm with NetMotion

Legal IT leaders have spoken. Improving user experience is a top priority in 2021 – but what does that actually mean? To NetMotion, it means persisting and optimising traffic flow to critical applications. The modern lawyer should have the ability to work from anywhere whilst maximising productivity.

Modern remote access

Tired of the trade-offs between security and usability for your fee earners? NetMotion offers a resilient, highly optimised solution that integrates enterprise VPN and Zero Trust Network Access in a single platform, available for SaaS and on-premise deployments.


Experience monitoring

Get unprecedented visibility into the distributed workforce, gathering insights from any device on any network. Use powerful diagnostics features to better understand the issues that fee earners encounter and apply patented, dynamic policies to enhance the user experience.


Reduce time to resolution for fee earners and remote workers having issues

NetMotion helps IT support teams proactively identify, diagnose and fix issues related to remote working, helping them service users as if they’re on the LAN.

Ensure the best possible user experience for fee earners and remote workers

NetMotion is the only remote access solution that actively improves user experience on any device and application.

Deliver VPN & Zero Trust Network Access in one single platform

NetMotion is the only security platform that provides both a VPN and ZTNA in a single interface, with one client, one console and policy engine.