Meet without the travel issues

Whether it’s a car journey across the city or a flight around the globe, it’s easier to meet digitally thanks to Skype For Business.

Much is made of the impact that increasingly available video-conferencing solutions will have on distance travel, but perhaps its biggest impact will be on relatively short car journeys.

Admittedly, nothing beats the positive effects of a face-to-face meeting with clients and prospects, but think of the number of shorter journeys, for even shorter meetingsĀ that would benefit from more than a phone call, but don’t require a visit.

Of course we already have quality teleconferencing solutions from the likes of Avaya and Skype For Business (formerly Lync), but just how far will communications technology advance whilst we all struggle with the UK’s congested roads?

Skype, only just over ten years old, was a game changer as far as person to person communications was concerned, bringing video communications out of the video conferencing suite and onto the laptop, tablet and smartphone. Face-to-face without the travel.

Advancements in video conferencing technology will render travelling to business meetings an unnecessary inconvenience and expense. Video conferencing systems now allow multiple participants to engage with each other simultaneously and have adopted Skype’s approach to mobility. Systems allow users to take video calls at their desk on their PC, transfer to their tablet or walk around the factory, before finishing the call on their smartphone on the train, if necessary.

Modern commercial systems, unlike the free consumer applications, are standards-based, which ensures there is little of the disruption and loss of quality associated with the free applications. This technology has already found traction with the business community, allowing closer collaboration between colleagues and less wasted time travelling between offices.

Importantly, as increasing numbers of businesses begin to appreciate the benefits on offer from the latest video conferencing technology, the greater the likelihood of interaction between client and customer too.

The latest technology brings together individuals from multiple locations, or allows users to be in more than one place and all without ever having to leave the office.

Skype For Business not only allows you to make more personal video calls to a contact, as well as conference with lots of people, it’s phone call and instant messaging features ensure you can engage in any number of ways to help build stronger relationships.

Skype meetings, just like conference calls, allow you to see and talk with multiple contacts across the globe. It’s good to see familiar faces, but even better to show people your thoughts, rough sketches, initial designs, prototypes and changes, without ever leaving the office.

You can share documents so that everyone is working with the latest version, share your screen and even give control to others in the meeting, to help you get the most out of your time.

Skype across Devices

Connect with your team anywhere using mobile apps across Windows, iOS and Android, or bring remote participants into meeting spaces of all sizes with Room Systems and Surface Hub.

Meeting Solution

Now your teams can work like they were all in one room, even when they’re spread around the office, country or world. From collaborative team sessions to large broadcasts of dialling into a conference using your phone, Skype For Business is designed for all your meeting needs.

Call with the Cloud

You can make, receive and transfer business calls in the office, at home or out on the road using your phone, computer, digital device and mobile, with increased agility and consolidated management.

This ability to converse and collaborate without spending money on travel, wasting time stuck in traffic or delayed at the airport, is driving productivity up and delivering new levels of engagement.

The switch to video conferencing, available to everyone in the business without booking the video conferencing suite and trying to synchronise diaries, is helping businesses make decisions faster and complete projects sooner.

The technology is being driven by some of the world’s most innovative companies, all of whom recognise the benefit to business and indeed the planet by cutting travel, rather than spending billions to just shorten journey times by a few minutes.

Face-to-face is within reach for organisations of every size and complexity. The only thing holding you back is resistance to change.

Matt Rhodes, Commercial Services Manager, Quiss Technology plc

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