IFF Research contracts Quiss Technology for IT support

Managed service provider Quiss Technology has been appointed by IFF Research, one of the research industry’s leading players, to deliver IT hardware and software support services for the firm’s central London office.

IFF Research has a proven track record of delivering high-quality strategic research for a wide range of organisations across the public and private sectors, relying on a team of 100 industry professionals, responsible for providing bespoke research solutions.

Matt Rhodes, Head of Commercial Services at Quiss Technology commented: “Whilst perhaps best known for our support in the legal sector, it is gratifying that our reputation for delivering high quality managed services is attracting organisations of the calibre of IFF Research.

“Importantly, the Works Flex solution we have tailored for IFF Research not only delivers the operational management they need, but the simple pricing model makes it easy to understand and scale for future growth; we ensure no nasty surprises.

“The initial audit of the existing network infrastructure we undertake, allows us to understand the essential work and required equipment to ensure the network operates optimally – it’s never easy taking over the management of IT infrastructure, but we do it so often, it’s second nature to our team.

“Our comprehensive solution, set to start in September, not only supports the current IT needs of the business, but is easily scaled to allow for the future growth outlined in their strategic plans.

Jan Shury, Managing Director of IFF Research commented: “As a people-focused business one of our key priorities is ensuring our people are well supported and have the tools to do their jobs effectively.

“This is increasingly important as our team grows, so we can continue to attract and retain the best people to work with us.

“The solution offered by Quiss enables us to support our team and focus on delivering high-quality insights and responsive service to our clients.

“Our new partnership leaves us safe in the knowledge we have a single point of contact for all our IT requirements, to ensure the seamless, problem-free work environment we need.”

IFF Research is the latest high-profile client to join a growing number of managed service clients, with more than 6000 individual users now supported by Quiss’ 130-strong team, which includes helpdesk engineers and systems specialists, backed by a team of mobile engineers.

Rhodes concludes: “Attracting new clients like IFF Research confirms that our determination to deliver what’s right for the client, rather than what’s easy for us, is the right strategy for Quiss and an approach that ensures longevity of the relationships with build with each client.

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