Horse racing proves no hurdle to new business

The Quiss golf day has become a highlight of the calendar for many of our clients, but in June we tried something new, with an event aimed at the non-golfers amongst our long list of clients and contacts.

Some of our clients joined us in a box at Uttoxeter Racecourse in Staffordshire to enjoy an afternoon of summer racing, with eight races to thrill and frustrate in equal measure. In a slightly softer approach to extolling the virtues of managed IT services, we decided on a relaxed 4 course lunch followed by the afternoon of racing.

As you might expect, our clients are advocates for the range of IT services we offer from hosted desktop solutions to converged telephony and just about everything in between, including hybrid Cloud and helpdesk support.

Once you receive a great level of service from a supplier and your organisation benefits, it is only natural to want others to share in the success. At least that was our thinking and why we asked our clients to bring friends and colleagues that might appreciate what we have to offer, along with some good food and exciting jump racing.

Not unsurprisingly perhaps, everyone had a good time in the wonderful surroundings of one of the UK’s prettiest racecourses, enjoying some excellent food and wine. The fact a few bets romped home also helped add to the sense of fun and we managed to talk IT with a few new faces, explaining our unique approach to outsourcing.

Whilst we tried to ensure the talk wasn’t too technical, conversations around Cloud solutions tended to be repeated regularly to different listeners, all keen to understand our belief that hybrid is the future and talk of private or public Clouds should be dismissed.
Every organisation will get the Cloud it needs to succeed. We do not advocate a one-size-fits-all, Cloud or nothing approach and if you want on-premise support, you can have it and we will ensure it continues to perform.

We have already secured new business from the event and so it has proved that even in such a relaxed, yet boisterous atmosphere, business leaders never really stop thinking about how they can improve their organisation – keep your eyes peeled for the next event and expect something a little different.

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