Be more cyber safe

Everyone knows they could do more to protect their organisation against cyber criminals, but it starts with ensuring everyone in the organisation understands security is their responsibility – from boardroom to reception desk.

Safety requires a shift in culture throughout your organisation. There are practical changes you can make to protect your organisation to prevent its precious information from being stolen, copied or ransomed.

Here are a few points to consider, on the journey to making your organisation more secure and more resilient to an attack:

  • Does your cyber security awareness training cover the latest attack methods? Do your employees know what to look out for?
  • Discover if every employee, whatever their role, always has the correct information available to them, to ensure they make the right decision. Ask questions and question answers!
  • Find out how resilient your organisation is to cyber attacks. Could an attack be identified and stopped at source, before any damage is done?
  • Could you respond quickly and recover from an attack? What would be the long-term impact of a successful attack? What would be the impact of your data being stolen and released?
  • Are your suppliers and customers taking cyber security seriously? A successful attack on any of these might increase the chance of a successful attack on your organisation, perhaps using compromised email accounts.
  • Engage with every department in your organisation; talk to IT, security, corporate communications and HR heads, to plan a clear response to a cyber-attack, with everyone knowing what they have to do.
  • Assess whether vital information and systems are protected, then backed up appropriately so the organisation can recover quickly in the event of an attack.

If you find there are those within your organisation not taking cyber security seriously, they are a risk to the future of your organisation and action must be taken.

If you need to prove the point, we can spoof phish them and show the dangers lurking on email.

Matt Rhodes, Commercial Services Manager, Quiss Technology plc

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