Alternative maybe but valuable definitely

No one is ever too sure what ‘The Alternative Legal IT Conference’, is the alternative to, but it is certainly a firm fixture and ‘must attend’ event in the exhibition and conference calendar. And so it was this year, when again Quiss exhibited at the Oxford Belfry Hotel over the two days of this year’s event, which for the first time featured ‘The Alternative Legal Management Summit’ too.

The summit was perhaps the really exciting innovation the event is building its reputation on. Entitled ‘Securing the future mid-tier law firm through collaboration, differentiation and innovation’, the list of speakers, debaters, round tablers and presenters was impressive.

Quiss is renowned for its work in the legal sector, not just as a managed IT services provider, but as a business delivering consultancy to our clients looking to exploit technology to deliver a better service to their legal clients.

It is our understanding of the challenges faced by mid-tier law firms that sees us exhibit at events like this, but also committed to listening to what law firms want and how best we can shape our service to suit.

Whilst the Managing Partners, Chairmen, Chief Executives and Partners of various law firms debated why mid-tier law firms existed and how they could not only survive, but thrive, we listened with interest because the size of the question was only matched by the legal brains at work.

Technology, automation, artificial intelligence, mobility, collaboration and connectivity, were just a few of the words that caught our attention as they are always part of our presentations to show how Quiss can help.

Amongst legal IT managers and directors, there is always talk of migration to the cloud. And it is usually with a sense of nervousness. But for those that dropped by our stand to discuss the Quiss view, there is often surprise that we advocate a, ‘whatever works for you’ approach.

For most law firms this will be a hybrid solution that combines Cloud services, with an existing on premise solution. We have the resources to support on premise solutions; many of our younger competitors do not. Our 35-strong support team of 1st line helpdesk engineers, field service engineers, network support engineers and logistics team are ready to solve any problem remotely or with a visit to site.

A few are surprised to see us at an event like this, believing we are all about outsourcing, but there is so much more to our service that that, it’s important we get out and about to explain our somewhat unique view of the IT world.

Events like this highlight the speed of change of the technology landscape and managed services specialists like us, should be seen as a valued partner to any in-house IT team, legal or otherwise.

Quiss has offered an increasing range of services, shaped by changing technology and business practices, supporting law firms of every size and complexity. Throughout it all, our client’s IT managers and their teams have been central to our thinking.

The second day featured the IT conference and I’ll cover that in part two of my blog, which again highlights the importance of technology and innovation in the success of the mid-tier law firms.

Andy Michael, Managing Director, Quiss Technology

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